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Turnkey Virtual Health Solutions...

About VeeOne Health Inc.

Built to serve the real-world needs of physicians, patients and healthcare systems...



When designing VeeOne Health, Inc technologies, we didn’t just consult with practicing physicians, nurses and healthcare administrators.


We invited them into our design process to develop features that make their jobs easier, faster and more efficient.

Providing you with the best doctors and technology for the best care!

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Teleneurology / Stroke

When a stroke patient comes through the door, time is of the essence. VeeOne’s on-call teleneurologists slash response, diagnosis, and treatment times, thus decreasing mortality and reducing disability.

Woman on Window Sill

Emergency departments aren’t always well equipped to handle behavioral health patients, resulting in evaluation, admittance, transfer, or discharge delays. Telebehavioral health changes the equation, delivering cost-effective, appropriate care that decreases length of stay and increases patient and staff satisfaction.

Nurse And Patient

A teleintensivist offers the best of both worlds. With VeeOne’s Round & Response model, the teleintensivist conducts ICU rounding and quickly responds to sudden changes in a patient’s condition. The specialist coordinates care with the patient’s physician, with hospital staff, and with family members. The result? Timely, data-driven decisions, the ability to manage higher acuity patients, and fewer costly or unnecessary transfers.


Around-the-clock staff physicians can be cost-prohibitive for many hospitals. VeeOne's telehospitalists fill the gaps during nights and weekends, or anytime that assessments, admission orders, and treatment recommendations are needed.


Telepulmonary specialists utilize VeeOne’s cloud-based Pulmonary Information System to interpret PACs, spirometry, and SPO2 feed monitors. By reviewing pulmonary function, desaturation, and sleep studies, they can develop or review timely patient treatment plans.

Vasculature of the Heart

Effective treatment for cardiac patients depends upon a continuum of care. VeeOne delivers the telecardiologists and the technology to accompany patients from the ambulance to the hospital and back home.

Doctor Examining CT Scan

An EEG is a critical diagnostic tool when a patient arrives in the emergency department with a head injury or seizure, but keeping a full-time neurologist on staff is costly. VeeOne’s teleneurologists are available 24/7 to interpret EEGs.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

End of life care requires equal measures of expertise and compassion. VeeOne’s telepalliative care is designed to deliver coverage Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


With hospital-acquired infections on the rise and in the news, hospitals must be hyper-vigilant about infectious disease management.

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