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VeeOne - One Source for Community Care

VeeOne Clinics are Community-based care programs available in all communities and accessible to all people with acute, chronic and serious illnesses.

Vee Clinic care programs provides high-quality outcomes that go beyond patient and family expectations, while at the same time managing cost. Our high-value programs are carefully designed.


Our custom care management processes, deployment of highly effective care teams, wise use of technology, recognized support to caregivers, and mobilization of resources are tools we use in building our mutually supportive partnerships in communities.

Doctor's Clinic

Community-Based Care


  • Behavioral Health

  • Cardiology

  • Critical Care

  • Dermatology

  • Infectious Disease

  • Neurology

  • Oncology

  • Pain Management

  • Palliative Care

  • Primary Care

  • Pulmonary

VeeOne Inc. builds world-class provider networks of experienced, community-based physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants to meet stringent medical needs. Vee Clinics provide clinic space and administrative staffing designed how doctors practice.


There is a growing role for virtual healthcare models of care, Vee Clinic models deliver services in primary care provider, mental health services, chronic disease management, specialist visits, rehabilitative services, and elderly care within communities. VeeOne team of specialist assist in reducing hospital readmission by delivering services remotely to patients.


Embodying sustainable telehealth services into health system will support delivery of patient-centered care in the right place, at the right time.

Vee Clinics create turnkey practice management services to help doctors expand their reach in providing their primary and/or specialty services. Our team relieves the stresses of back-office management, human resources, real estate management, and marketing. We are here to help doctors deliver better patient care, expand/brand their specialty, and improve professional satisfaction.

VeeOne Health, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platforms and board certified providers use the best practices and technologies to evaluate and manage patients care. All services are done in real time. Telecommunication and specialty healthcare are becoming a necessity in communities as local resources can become stretched thin.

Our community-based, nationwide network of providers are trained in diverse specialties to serve the needs of our communities. We engage patients via our custom telehealth solutions and team of specialist. Vee Clinics earn diversified revenue streams, increase healthcare services in communities, and drive unparalleled care coordination.

Vee Clinic services are inclusive of:

  • Clinic space, if required

  • Staff Recruitment

  • Training

  • Day-to-day administrative management

  • Implementation of practice management systems, EHRs, billing, collections and revenue cycle.

  • Manage marketing and advertising

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Handle care of customer service and patient experience


Vee Clinics are staffed with qualified front desk personnel as well as the medical assistants. This allows staff to assist physicians in properly managing EHR documentation and patient interactions. VeeOne handles revenue cycle management processes and other non-clinical tasks to keep the practice focused on clinical care.

VeeOne Clinic community-based programs play important roles in communities.


Patients / Families / Caregivers

  • Reduced costs and inconvenience (e.g. from less travel)

  • Improved access to services (faster access and access to services that may not otherwise be available at all)

  • Improved quality of services with greater integration and continuity of care

  • Reduced burden on caregivers

  • Accurate and timely diagnosis

  • More patient-centered care with increased independence and self-management

  • Larger networks of care

Senior Couple Undergoing Medical Examination

Health Care Workers

  • Access to continuing education and professional development

  • Greater provision of enhanced local services

  • More experiential learning

  • Enables better networking and collaboration

  • Greater support to and reduced professional isolation for rural clinicians

  • Increased range of specialist advice available

  • Reduced time spent travelling

  • Deliverable consultation times

Hospital Staff

Health Systems

  • Increased self-sufficiency of health care professionals

  • Reduced expenses related to patient transport

  • Reduced inequities in access to health services

  • Increased self-sufficiency of smaller health care facilities (such as rural hospitals, critical care hospitals, and residential aged care facilities)

  • Reduced demand on emergency departments and tertiary hospitals

  • Reduced burden on subsidized transport schemes

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VeeOne Clinic's day-to-day administrative management includes recruitment, practice management systems/EHR; billing, collections and revenue cycle management.

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