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VeeOne...One Source for Revenue Cycle Management

VeeOne Health Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services combines advanced technology and certified professionals to help your practice increase cash flow and reducing cost. 

Our approach significantly improves operational efficiency and allow facilities to expand service delivery capacity with the least disruption in administrative staff workflow processes.

VeeOne can assist in  leveraging your investment in technology to grow and sustain your business as opposed to increasing overhead for non-clinical staff necessary to expand.

VeeOne RCM key financial objectives includes:

  • Streamline patient access process from scheduling to registration to discharge to billing

  • Accelerate accounts receivable payment collections

  • Real-time payer eligibility checks

  • Integrate payer rules and enforce financial accountability

  • Reduce billing delays and denials

  • Significantly improve clean claims rates

  • Real-time information when and where it is needed

  • Accurately measure organizational productivity and performance

  • Reduce overall cost associated with implementing TeleHealth programs

  • Leverage VeeOne RCM Dashboards and Forms to empower clients to quickly improve performance across all aspects of revenue cycle management

Partnering with VeeOne for RCM and Denial Management allows facilities to avoid circumstances that lead to financial risk and disruption!


VeeOne RCM Services offer:

  • Insurance eligibility verification

  • Electronic medical records (EMR) billing

  • Patient-provider encounter review

  • Claim submission

  • Electronic submission of claims to payors

  • Payer remittance and posting

  • Denial management

  • Patient billing

  • Reporting and analysis

Doctors Analyzing MRI

Patient Focused

Invest time and effort on core competencies in patient care.

Flexible Payment Planning

Cash Flow & Revenue

Accelerate cash flow, maximize collections, recover underpayments, and reduce denied claims.

Business Team

Staff Consistency

Standard contingency staffing plans to ensure everything will be done properly and on time.

Medical form with stethoscope

Reduced Billing Errors

Every pre-claim is verified that each claim is coded properly and contains correct information before being sent to  the clearinghouse.

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