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VeeOne...One Source Solution for Management

One of our goals at VeeOne Health Inc. is to help patients, providers, and healthcare organizations achieve their goals through clinically sound and financially sustainable programs in telehealth services.


Our mission and vision keep us aligned to the common goal of expanding professional and virtual healthcare services to those who need it the most. Our company values act as our compass in how we work day-in and day-out to reach our goals.

VeeOne Health Inc. is owned and operated by doctors who know from experience what providers require and patients need. We have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and excellent clinical care. 

Our Team delivers a knowledgeable and comprehensive service Consulting, Professional Services, Program Implementation, Revenue Cycle Management, and Technology. We provide recommendations and analysis to customize services for your organization.

VeeOne Health offers a comprehensive list of medical management consulting services beginning with an in-depth assessment of your needs and expectations. We also evaluate the practice and administrative / management current procedures and processes. We provide assistance with developing plans for steady practice growth, help identify missed revenue opportunities, and make recommendations for operational or infrastructure improvements. Our experienced teams are available for short-term projects or for long-term support.

VeeOne offers full service practice management solutions!

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise for multiple specialties and services, including the following:

  • Physicians

  • PAs/ NPs

  • Hospitals


  • Podiatrists (DPM)

  • Chiropractors (DC)

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)

  • Urgent Care Facilities

  • Clinical Laboratories

  • Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF)

  • Sleep Labs

  • Optometrists

  • Audiologists

  • Behavioral Health Providers

  • Many More

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