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VeeOne Medical Group (VMG) telehealth specialists provide on-demand virtual consultations to assist clinicians and patients in emergency departments and inpatient units to improve patient care.

Successful establishment and implementation of a telehealth program requires strategic planning and consideration of necessary infrastructure, costs and reimbursement, human factors, equipment and technology issues.

Inpatient services we currently offer via TeleHealth include:

Video Call

Inpatient Care

Patients and our partner sites are assured a daily visit from one of our group physicians.

On a Video Call

Outpatient Care

We offer scheduled outpatient TeleHealth visits in a clinic setting or the patient home.

Person Analyzing Statistics

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our care teams use the latest equipment to remotely monitor the health status of patients in their own homes, intervening when needed. This helps to avoid exacerbation of illness, unnecessary hospital stays or readmissions.

Doctor Diagnosis

Direct to Patient Care

We conduct secure video visits with patients in their own home using a computer with a camera, tablet or smart phone. 

VMG Telehealth Specialist assist in doing the following:

  • VMG employs qualified healthcare providers in various specialties to address both our clients (i.e. hospitals and other healthcare facilities) and patient’s needs.

  • VMG eliminates the hassles of having to repeatedly hire and train clinical staff for inpatient and outpatient clinical services.

  • VMG use of telehealth technology helps in improving follow-up care, ensuring patient access to services, and allows providers to treat patients at home, inpatient, outpatient and in remote areas.

  • VMG use of telehealth technology assist in developing plans that address areas such as compliance with standards, technical requirements, reimbursement, human factor considerations, and strategies to handle telecommunication breakdowns.

Our model of telehealth care management solutions promises to reduce costs and improve quality by working with clients proactively. 

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